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Toys and play in the past and present – KULPS! -visit

The Finnish Toy Museum - Näyttelykeskus WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5

On this visit to the Toy Museum we look at children’s and childhood’s history from many sides.  The visit includes the guided tour Toys and play in the past and present and the workshop Folk toy tune-up. Groups of over 15 children are divided in two, so that one half is on the tour while the other is in the workshop, and then they switch. Length 1,5 h.

Have you ever thought about what kind of toys your father and mother played with as kids? Or about what kind of toys grandmother or grandfather had, or grandmother’s grandmother and grandfather’s grandfather? On this tour you will get to know about yesteryears’ toys and childhood. The students will get to touch and try out toys from different decades on the tour. We will even take a look at differences and similarities in childhood in the past compared to what the students experience today. Length 45 min.

In the Folk toy tune-up -workshop we acquaint ourselves with a several thousand years old toy, which is still in use today. The spinning top has changed form during the years, into Beyblades and Spinners, but it has still retained its basic idea. In the workshop the students can tune up a traditional wooden spinning top into their own version. Length 45 min.

Maximum group size 30 children. Bookings Tue-Fri from 9.00 onwards. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance.


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