lör 23.11.2019 18.00 - 19.00

Espoo City Theatre: Naïve Man Company: The hypocondriacs

Espoo Cultural Centre - Kulttuuriaukio 2 02100 Espoo

In this silent version of Molière’s classic play, a juggler, a trapeze artist, and a dancer celebrate failing. Tripping over transforms into acrobatics, crashing into things to a dance, and when the set collapses the party really starts.

Mere crumbs of Molière’s play text and characters remain on stage in The Hypochondriacs. The central feeling intimates not everything is quite as it ought to be, and yet, the unease is but a gate to the unexpected, to surprises, and to play with the magic of theatre.

The performers’ backgrounds range from contemporary dance to breakdance, from circus to roller-blades. The performance is directed by Maksim Komaro, a giant of Finnish contemporary circus. Komaro’s work has been performed in more than 40 countries across the globe.

Directed by Maksim Komaro
Dramaturgy Sverre Waage
Lighting Desing Juho Rahijärvi
Set Design Pavla Kamanová
On Stage Kalle Lehto, Terje Tjøme Mossige, Bellina Sörensson
Production Naïve Man Company, Circo Aereo, Cirkus Xanti
Photos Kalle Nio

Wordless performance, no surtitles
Duration 1 h, no intermission

Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhi Hall
Tickets €35/32/19, Family ticket 90 € (4 persons, max 2 adults) + delivery fee (from €1)