ke 28.10.2020 12.00 - su 22.11.2020 16.00

Merja Simberg

Espoon Kuvataiteilijat - Galleria Aarni, Kauppakeskus Sello, Leppävaarankatu 3-9

Merja Simberg, Stargazer -paintings, Galleria Aarni 28.10.-22.11.2020

 - I express emotions and within my art examine humanity and thoughts related to it. My exhibition expresses the uniqueness of the spur of the moment. My works have evolved as a counter reaction to the existing state of our world. They are the result of joy, happiness and gratitude to our everyday life and related things. The wind and the sea are dear elements to me and are strongly present in my exhibition – you dream, stargaze, travel at sea and in the wind and enjoy the warm ice cream summer.

Photo: Merja Simberg, A Girl who wishes for a Better World, 110×90 cm, acryl and ink, 2019

Galleria Aarni, Kauppakeskus Sello 3.kerros
Free entry
all ages
suomi, englanti