Cultural Heritage management


One of the core duties of Espoo city museum is to protect the cultural heritage in our area. We offer advice on questions relating to prehistoric sites and historically valued buildings and cultural landscapes.

Research into Espoo's cultural environments, their evaluation and preservation constitute a core official task of the City Museum. The preserved cultural environment is the permanent outcome of purposeful research and conservation work. As part of a good environment it is passed on from one generation to the next, constantly growing in significance. The Museum produces basic information on cultural environments with the aid of research, inventories and locality databases and takes part as an expert in planning and building permission processes.

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Cultural Environment Manager, Tryggve Gestrin

Tel. +358-50-5666 105

questions concerning the cultural environment and local archaeological heritage, archaeological research


Cultural Environment Manager, Jyri Vilja

Tel. +358-50-4644 816

questions concerning the cultural environment, research on building history


Researcher, Architect Marja Sahlberg

Tel. +358-43-8247331

questions concerning the cultural environment and restoration, research on building history