Pram dates


On the first Thursday of the month, KAMU hosts a fun shared moment for parents and their babies. Older siblings are also welcome to join in. During the pram dates, you will get to explore history with other parents in a multisensory and personal manner. Free admission. All events are in Finnish, unless stated otherwise.


Pram Dates spring 2020


6.2. 12.00 Medieval skills
February date lets you discover how well you would have fared as a medieval villager.

5.3. 12.00 Manor Life
The March date is a chance for you to discover some 18th century delights.

2.4. 12.00 A Musical Journey into the Past
The April date takes you on a journey through history by singing familiar children’s songs. No singing skills needed!
7.5. 12.00 An outdoor excursion in Tapiola 

On the May date we will go on a historical walk in Tapiola, setting off from WeeGee.