Pram dates


On the first Thursday of the month, KAMU hosts a fun shared moment for parents and their babies. Older siblings are also welcome to join in. During the pram dates, you will get to explore history with other parents in a multisensory and personal manner. Free admission. All events are in Finnish, unless stated otherwise.


Pram Dates autumn 2020


3.9. 12.00 Espoo as home
Whyt kind of place is Espoo to live in?

1.10. 12.00 Nature and history in Espoo
Historical walk in Tapiola. We take a closer look to Tapiola, it`s nature and history.

5.11. 12.00 Everything and nothing
KAMUs special exhibition Everything and Nothing - Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren.
3.12. 12.00 Traditional christmas

Celebrating christmas from 18 th century to 20 th century.