Bring your group to the Museum


Espoo City Museum provides educational services to learners of all ages. A visit to the museum supports school instruction and can be combined with many different school subjects. 

Museum visits are always free of charge for groups from day-care centres and schools. Teachers can see KAMU’s exhibitions for free in order to prepare for their class group’s visit by showing their OAJ (the Trade Union of Education) membership card at Exhibition Centre WeeGee’s ticket counter.

Advance reservations are required for group visits to the museum. It is advisable to prepare for the visit in advance by talking to the group about the exhibition – why you are going to the museum and what you will see there. Pupils are their teacher’s responsibility throughout the entire museum visit!


Tue–Sun 11 am–5 pm tel. 09 816 57052. Reservations must be made at one week days in advance. Groups with reservations can come to the museum starting at 9 am. Guided tours are free of charge for day care, preschool and school groups. Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish, English. When you make a reservation, please give the group size, age of the children, name of the day care center / school and the contact information of the group leader. We are happy to accommodate special needs – please mention them when making a reservation!

KAMU’s Salonki classroom 

Groups from day-care centres and schools can reserve the Museopeda classroom free of charge to complement their guided tour for group work, a lesson or eating a packed lunch. Please describe what you need when making a reservation. The Museopeda classroom is equipped with a computer, data projector and seats for approximately 30 pupils.

Borrow teaching packages and historical clothes

What were ancient fishing nets made of? What games were played in the Middle Ages? How do you speak the language of fans? You fill find answers to these questions and many more in the teaching packages on different time periods that the city museum loans out.

The museum rents also out historical clothes for both children and adults. You can rent an outfit for various events or occasions, or for educational purposes.