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The kulttuuriespoo.fi website offers information about the cultural events held in Espoo and Espoo-based cultural actors. The website is maintained by the Cultural Unit of the City of Espoo.

Using the service

On the home page you can browse through highlighted events. You can see all the events of the website in chronological order by clicking the All events button. You can also filter events using the search terms of the event calendar on the home page. The Actors section of the website’s main menu provides direct access to the Espoo-based cultural actors’ sites.

Kulttuuriespoo.fi is provided in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. The language can be selected in the main menu at the top of the screen. The responsive website functions in different devices ranging from desktop computers to smart phones.


The kulttuuriespoo.fi website uses cookies for analysing the use of the website. Cookies are information that has been saved in the hard drive of your computer or your browser (e.g. the IP address, operating system, browser type of your computer and information about the pages you visited at the kulttuuriespoo.fi website). It is impossible to connect the accumulated data to a specific person.

You can disable cookies in your own browser (e.g. Internet Explorer: Tools > Privacy). Disabling cookies may, however, impact the functioning of the website.

Information correctness

Efforts are made to keep the information provided at the website up to date. However, the administrator accepts no liability for any direct or indirect costs or damage caused by possible errors in the information provided or technical problems. The kulttuuriespoo.fi website includes links to other websites. The administrator accepts no liability for the contents of the websites maintained by third parties.

Enquiries and feedback

Enquiries and feedback regarding the website: 

Enquiries and feedback regarding specific events:
See the contact information provided by the actor in question on its own website (Etusivu (Home page) > Toimijat (Actors) > select the actor in question)

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