Ticket sales


KannuKino tickets can be purchased either from online store (opens soon) or one hour before the screening. Read more about KannuKino's films and online tickets sales.     

Prices: basic ticket 9 €, 3D films 9 €, children's films (2D) 8 €, premiere films 10-12 €.


Tickets to some of KannuKino’s films are available to Kaikukortti card holders. For contractual reasons, not all film distributors are involved in the Kaikukortti network. At KannuKino, Kaikukortti cardholders can get tickets for themselves and one child under 16 accompanying them.  More information about the Kaikukortti card.

Visit KannuKino with a culture companion

Would you like to see a film at KannuKino but find it difficult to do so alone? A culture companion is a volunteer who provides company and support for cultural visits. The culture companion’s company and ticket are free-of-charge. Read more about culture companions and ordering one