23 October 2020 – 1 January 2022
Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren

KAMU’s special exhibition, Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren is the first in Finland to present a comprehensive review of the Sirens’ architecture. The architects’ design work from the 1950s and 1960s is presented with a particular focus on their works in Espoo: those featuring prominently include the internationally renowned Otaniemi Chapel and the experimental terraced houses and schools in the garden city of Tapiola. 

30 October 2013–

The exhibition covers Espoo in five different periods and places from the Stone Age seal hunters in Bosmalm, medieval farmers in Mankby, and the gentry and common people in Alberga to factory workers in Kauklahti and urban life in the suburbs. The exhibition also explains how Espoo was born, who the people living there are and how Espoo became the city it is today.



Historical afternoons for seniors 15 September – 24 November 2021 at 14:00

The historical afternoons for seniors feature lectures related to history and museum work. The lectures will be held in Aitio on the second floor of Exhibition Centre WeeGee on Wednesdays at 2PM, COVID-19 regulations allowing. We recommend signing up for the lectures in advance. You can register for a lecture starting on the previous Wednesday at 3.30PM. You can register at the end of the previous lecture, by phone to 09 816 57052, or at the information desk at KAMU.

We adhere to government guidelines and regulations for COVID-19 prevention. Should additional restrictions be introduced due to COVID-19, the lectures will be made available online at KAMU Espoo City Museum’s Youtube-channel.

The lectures are held in Finnish, except for one lecture in Swedish held on November 3rd during Swedish Week.


Pram meeting on the first Thursday of the month 6 February–7 May 2020 at 12:00
There is always free admission to the history-themed pram meeting for babies and parents.


Free evening on Fridays at 17:00-19:00

On the first Friday of the month on 3 January, 7 February, 6 March, 3 April and 5 June, the opening hours are extended to 21:00 (excluding 8 May)

Guided tour of Stories of Another Kind (R18) every Friday at 18:00

On the first Friday of the month on 3 January, 7 February, 6 March, 3 April and 5 June
at 17:30-20:30 Medal for Bravery workshop

Everybody deserves a medal! It has been customary to reward significant acts with medals in the past, and the custom continues also today. For what distinguished act would you give yourself or a friend of yours a medal? Come and make a medal for bravery in this workshop open to all!


at 12:00–14:00 Portrait family workshop

What would you have looked like in the past? Draw your own portrait on an old calling card and dive into history. The workshop is suitable for the whole family!


A guided tour (in Finnish) of the topical exhibition at 14:00: Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren