Sat 07.11.2020 19.00 - 21.00

Theater Club: Pientä laittoa

Kannusali - Kannusillankatu 4

Sat 7 Nov at 15:00 and 19:00 

Theatre Club: Pientä laittoa 

“Pientä laittoa” is a merry relationship comedy starring Juha Veijonen (Masa) and Maarit Peltomaa (Lissu). Masa and Lissu have been married for 25 years. Is there still hope, or is all already lost? Lissu decides to grab the bull, or Masa, by the horn... That is, horns... 


The play tells the story of Lissu, Masa and their attempts to revive their waning marriage. The play is written and directed by Heikki Lund. 

Duration approximately 2 h with intermission. 

Tickets €20 + service fee (from €1), 

Esitys on suomenkielinen. Föreställningen är finskspråkig. The performance is in finnish.

20 € + toimitusmaksu (alk. 1 €), Kaikukortti-tapahtuma.