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The 1900s through children’s eyes KULPS! -tour package

The Finnish Toy Museum - Näyttelykeskus WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5

The tour package The 1900s through children’s eyes includes a short pre-assignment, a visit to the Toy museum and a post-assignment. The intent is to make the history in schoolbooks tangible: in what ways have ordinary people and especially children experienced the events and periods described in the books? The pre-assignment stirs the students to remember their own childhoods and to think about what Finland was like back then. On the visit the students get to investigate the museum’s permanent exhibition in small groups and afterwards contemplate together upon how historical events have influenced children’s lives in the different decades of the 1900s. In what ways can toys reflect their times? The students get to use their creative talents in a writing assignment performed in groups. In the end the assignments are discussed together. Via the post-assignment, done in school or at home, the students get to reflect upon the visit afterwards.

Maximum group size 30 children. Bookings Tue-Fri from 9.00 onwards. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance.

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KULPS!-vierailun voi varata numerosta 050-5900137 tai sähköpostiosoitteesta lelumuseo[a] mielellään kahta viikkoa etukäteen. Ryhmiä otetaan vastaan ti-pe klo 9 alkaen.

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