Studio Ilmiö


Do you have a creative class at school?

We offer pre-primary groups, comprehensive schools, general upper secondary schools and vocational upper secondary schools a nest and a workspace free of charge. Use these spaces for working with several subjects from different angles, in an interesting environment. The WeeGee Exhibition Centre hosts four museums, it has the architecture of Tapiola Garden City architecture outside its doors and the services of a sports park next door. Possibilities are endless.

Studio Ilmiö is a space for education and workshops, free of charge for school groups in Espoo, from pre-primary education to general upper secondary and vocational upper secondary education. Why not use Studio Ilmiö for phenomenon-based learning and work across school subjects in accordance with the core curriculum for basic education. Studio Ilmiö consists of a cosy room for groups to work in and a versatile workspace. You can book a room in advance for your group to use weekdays 9–16, from one to three days at a time.

When booking Studio Ilmiö, the workspace will also by default be booked for your group. The person booking the room is responsible for materials, meals and possible services (such as transport and guided tours in the museum).

Book Studio Ilmiö by calling or emailing the information desk at WeeGee. The information desk also provides you with additional guidelines for using Studio ilmiö. It is possible to combine the booking with tour guide bookings or workshops at the museums in WeeGee. The museums open their doors at 11 am on weekdays, but guided tours or workshops, which have been booked in advance, can be arranged during other hours as well.

Come visit Studio Ilmiö at WeeGee!

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