Exhibition Centre Weegee arranges week-long day camps for 7–10-year old children in the summer. The children must have attended school at least one year.

We offer a versatile programme and nice surprises in all our museums. The programme is based on the current exhibitions, which we will explore in different ways by experiencing and doing. It is important that the participants feel community spirit and joy of success.

Summer camps 2021 

During summer 2021, the camp programme takes place on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm in June in weeks 23, 24 and 25. The camp week price is €200, except for the 4-day week which is €175 (week 25), incl. VAT 24%. The price of the camp week includes guided activities, materials and a daily lunch and snack. 

The themes of the camps are architecture and art in summer 2021. The camps are implemented in cooperation by the City of Espoo’s Event and Cultural Services, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo City Museum KAMU and Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth. 

During EMMA’s camp day, we will explore the art museum building, colours and scale of the works using various tools, having fun experimenting. How small is the smallest detectable detail? How will the building look like when it is studied with mirrors or lying on the floor? We will construct our own colourful spaces in the exhibition space for a moment. 

During KAMU’s summer camp day, we will explore architecture in Espoo and our surroundings with the help of fun assignments. We will step in an architect’s boots and think about all the things an architect needs to take into account in design work. We will complete assignments both indoors and outdoors, so weather-appropriate clothing is recommended. 

At the Arkki School of Architecture workshops, we will explore micro-housing and leisure dwellings through an interactive inspiration lecture.  During the day, we will also look for ideas from the Futuro house and implement a scale model of our own leisure dwelling. 

The camp registration has been postponed by a week and will open on Wed, 17 March, at 10 am. We do not accept registrations made through other channels. 

Registration links

WeeGee summer camp week 23 is fully booked. 

WeeGee summer camp week 24 is fully booked. 

WeeGee summer camp week 25 (4 days) is fully booked. Use this link to register for the queue.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and we will further information on this page as necessary. We reserve the right to make changes. 

Further information:

Because the camp leaders and assistants also speak Swedish and English, it will also suit children who do not speak Finnish so well.