Families and schools


The WeeGee Exhibition Centre is easy to explore with small guests, and the two museums at WeeGee offer various and wonderful experiences to schoolchildren and their families.

Admission to the museums

Admission to WeeGee is free of charge for everybody under the age of 18.

Teachers may enter for free with the group.

Visiting the museum with children

It’s a good idea to put backpacks in the free-of-charge lockers in the lobby. 

You can visit all of WeeGee’s museums with a pushchair or pram. There is a lift in the lobby, next to Cafe Zoceria WeeGee. You can also borrow prams in the lobby, next to the lifts.

Photos can be freely taken in all the museums without a flash. You can also share your pictures in social media.

Snacks and dining

There is a space for eating your own snacks on the basement floor of the exhibition centre. The museums also provide spaces for eating snacks whenever possible. You cannot eat your own snacks in the lobby or the café/restaurant, and foods and drinks are not allowed in the exhibition spaces. You can ask for more information at the information desk and in the museums.

WeeGee summer camps

In the summer, week-long day camps are organised for children aged 7–10 at WeeGee. Read more about summer camps here.

Children’s Museum Festival

WeeGee’s biggest event for children takes over the whole museum for one weekend every spring. There is a different theme every year.