Feel the touch of nature at Haltia

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a new kind of exhibition and event centre, where you can experience Finland’s natural gems under one roof. The Haltia exhibitions introduce you to the magnificent scenery of our national parks, as well as nature experiences in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We also offer great facilities for various functions and events.

We want to offer our visitors touching experiences, inspire them to hike in the wild and help them forge a deeper relationship with nature.

In spring 2015, the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia was awarded the first ever sustainable development prize in the prestigious European Museum of the Year competition.


Näyttely Suomen luontokeskus Haltiassa
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Nuuksiontie | Nouxvägen 84 02820 Espoo | Esbo

+358 40 163 6200 | haltia@metsa.fi