Guided tours for primary school



Tue–Sun 11 am–5 pm tel. 09 816 57052. Reservations must be made at least three days in advance. Groups with reservations can come to the museum starting at 9 am. Guided tours are free of charge for day care, preschool and school groups. Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish, English. When you make a reservation, please give the group size, age of the children, name of the day care center / school and the contact information of the group leader. We are happy to accommodate special needs – please mention them when making a reservation!

Guided tour in exhibition A Shattered life - Espoo in the Finnish civil war

Exhibition A Shattered life - Espoo in the Finnish civil war tells about the fates of the people of Espoo during the Civil War. How did the political turmoil preceding the Civil War show in Espoo? What happened in Espoo during the war? What was life like after the Civil War? The exhibition takes the visitor to events that occurred a hundred years ago. Contemporary accounts and stories shed light on the experiences of both the Reds and the Whites. They also show that life is always more nuanced than one would think when looking from a distance. The exhibition is part of Espoo City Museum’s project Espoo in the Finnish Civil War and the 2017 Centenary of Finland’s Independence programme.  

Two sides, many truths, 60 min

Why do people take up arms? What happened in Finland and Espoo a hundred years ago? What kind of memories did the war create? The active tour for schoolchildren explores the history of the Civil War in Espoo through games and stories. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Know your roots – workshop, 30–45 min as part of a guided tour

Who are your relatives? What have you learned from your mother, grandmother or great-grandfather? Do you have a family member that you do not know about? In the workshop, you will construct a family tree for yourself and discover your place in the continuum of generations and events in history. The total duration of the workshop and guided tour to the exhibition A shattered life is 90 minutes. Suitable for all those interested in their past. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Guided tour in exhibition A thousand stories about Espoo

The exhibition A Thousand stories about Espoo tells the story of Espoo in five eras and five different places: Stone Age seal hunters in Bosmalm, medieval farmers in Mankby, the gentry and common people n Alberga, factory workers in Kauklahti and city life in the suburbs.The exhibition also explains how Espoo was born, who the people living there are and how Espoo became the city it is today. 

Reversing Into the Past, 30-45 min  

What was life like in Espoo when your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were children? And how would a family live in a seal hunter’s house during the Stone Age? We take off in the present and reverse into the past. We get to know the different kinds of lives of people of the past by talking and playing together. We recommend this tour especially for pupils in preschool, but the tour is also suitable for 5-9-year-old children.

Traces of the Past, 60 min 

What kind of lives did people lead in Espoo before us and what different kinds of traces did they leave for us to study? The tour helps to understand the sources of history and the history of Espoo and is held in the exhibition A Thousand Stories about Espoo.  We recommend the tour especially for pupils in the 4th grade. The tour is also a good fit for the studies of the sources of history and for 5th and 6th grades.

The guided tour can be complemented with a ‘Map of memories’ workshop – explore your family background and your place in the chain of generations by drawing and writing. The guided tour and workshop take 90 minutes. 

Prehistoric life, 60 min 

Sit down in a Stone Age house and explore prehistory! On the activating guided tour, pupils can try out and learn about the life of people who lived thousands of years ago through the materials, objects and methods that they used. We will discuss together how prehistory is studied and what kind of interpretations are sparked by finds.  We recommend this tour for pupils in the 4th and 5th grade, but the tour is suitable for everyone interested in prehistory.

The tour can be held as a longer session for groups who wish to have an even more thorough introduction to prehistory. There will be a chance to try out more prehistoric skills than on the 60 minute tour. This session takes 90 minutes in total.

The group limit for the guided tour is one class group. However, you can order the ‘Prehistoric life’ tour for two parallel class groups at the same time. In such cases, we offer the guided tour with a workshop for both class groups. The concurrent visit of two class groups takes two hours.

Life in a Middle Age Hamlet, 60 min 

The guided tour takes a look into the everyday lives of the inhabitants, the busy trading and the unique hamlet Mankby through archaeological research. We will discuss where historical information comes from and what it tells about life in medieval Espoo. We recommend this tour for pupils in the 5th and 6th grade, but the tour is suitable for everyone interested in the Middle Ages and archeology.

Time of the manors, 60 min 

The guided tour explores the early and mid modern periods in Espoo– the time of the great manors. Through the story of Alberga Manor, pupils learn about the changes in everyday life, work and society over a period of 300 years.  We will discuss the different social classes, life according to one’s social class and why there are no longer manors. We recommend this tour for pupils in the 6th grade, but the tour is also suitable for 7th to 9th grades.