The Library is for everyone

The Espoo City Library provides you with high-quality service. In an effort to maintain that quality, the library is in tune with the everyday life of the community and seeks to help them solve everyday problems. Come visit the library on your own or with your friends! 

At the library, everyone can feel safe and sound and enjoy their lives more fully. Fortunately, the libraries are easy to reach by using busses, trains, cars, or by foot. Did you also know that in the metropolitan area, over 60 Helmet-libraries are available for your use? Espoo has 18 libraries, nine of which also serve as self-service libraries. In addition, there are two bookmobiles, Helmi and Välkky, that visit schools, day-care centers and other areas that have no local library of their own.

There are plenty of useful and enjoyable things for everyone to do in the library. It provides opportunities for learning, doing research and group work, or it can be a place for leisure. The library gives you the freedom to explore, succeed, and learn. And the best part is that using the library is free of charge for everyone! 

A variety of clubs gather together in the libraries. People of all ages create and learn together in the makerspaces, for example. By offering a variety of services and providing a place for clubs to meet, the library is a great place to meet new people. Hopefully you can make new friends and fall in love at the library! 

Similarly to our patrons, the library staff is just as diverse and multitalented. They are constantly developing the library services in cooperation with our partners and the community to make sure your needs are being met. 

Many library services may be accessed online and several types of e-materials are available to our patrons. The staff and other library patrons may also be reached via social media.

Find your library services on Helmet web service. 

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