Ruusuvuori Room


The Ruusuvuori Room is a glass-walled space on WeeGee’s basement floor, equipped with movable furniture. It is suitable for meetings or workshops and dinners. Please note that Ruusuvuori Room is open on the top and therefore not suitable for meetings that require absolute privacy. Catering is provided by Cafe Zoceria WeeGee. The space is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Technical specifications:

Max. 20 people U shape
Max. 16 people Classroom setup
Max. 36 people Rows of chairs
Max. 20 people Diplomat

The rent includes the room, basic furniture, fixed equipment (screen, flip chart board, laptop (PC) and WLAN) and user guidance. Potential personnel costs and special technical requirements will be added to the costs of all events in accordance with our price list.


1 to 4 hours EUR 150, incl. VAT 24%
Over 4 hours EUR 300, incl. VAT 24%

Mon 9–16, Tue 9–17, Wed–Fri 9–19, Sat–Sun 11–17

Ruusuvuori Room