The new, functional interior decoration of the entrance hall at the Exhibition Centre WeeGee was designed by Aivan Oy, the design agency that was also responsible for the look of WeeGee’s museum shop and restaurant. Using the same company ensured that Weegee’s public areas have a uniform look that also respects the architecture of the building. The head designer was Aleksi Kuokka, working with interior designer Anna Ojajärvi. The goal was to turn the entrance hall into a livelier space where customers may encounter each other, get information and have a good time. The customer service desk acts as a natural divider, separating customer service from the lounge. The carefully chosen height of the furniture and the transparent glass wall ensure an unobstructed view towards the picture windows at the end of the entrance hall, a significant feature in the building’s architecture.

The interior decoration of the entrance hall follows the characteristically grey colour scheme of the entire building. The space now features unique, grey faux-leather sofas, a customer service desk with stunning ceramic tiles from Italy, brushed and painted black screen walls, large glass surfaces and warm wooden seat surfaces. The carefully designed, high-quality lighting is provided by opal-white design lamps that reflect light beautifully.

The furniture and lighting has been carefully selected to create customer comfort, stand the test of time and contribute to WeeGee’s design profile. The custom-made grey sofas and the customer service desk with its cupboards have been designed by Aivan Oy for WeeGee. The triangular Italian Rombini ceramic tiles, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, are the illuminated and lively eye-catcher of the customer service desk. The Luceplan Amisol pendant lights above the sofas have been created by designer Daniel Rybakken from Denmark and the oaken Lounge Chairs by the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, while the light grey Pine coffee tables are the Danish designer Simon Legald's creation from the collection of Normann Copenhagen.

The renewed milieu also includes new services, such as charging stations for mobile devices and information displays with information about WeeGee’s exhibitions and events. The former entrance hall furniture is now in use in other facilities of the City of Espoo.

Café WeeGee on upea designravintola

Kuva: Ella Tommila / EMMA