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Vaudeville Catering Oy


Concert and festivity restaurant Vaudeville Catering operates in Sello Hall's appealing foyer.

Our foyer with its café and catering services can be adapted for many different kinds of events. A dinner can be arranged for up to 200 people and a buffet or cocktail function for up to 400 guests. The comfortable audience foyer with its outdoor terrace for up to 160 people extends to two floors and is a suitable location for a wide range of events including meetings, seminars, banquets, customer events or family celebrations. 

There is also a possibility to build a stage with light and sound technique to host a concert or dances in the foyer. Events are individually planned for each customer. During concerts café-bar has a liquor license.

Vaudeville Catering favours domestic and organic raw materials. 

Tenders and intermission orders:

Henna Ehrnstén,  tel. +358 400 543 600,
Petter Ehrnstén, tel. +358 50 1786,