Children's Cultural Forum 2018


Heroes and allies – a dream of equal children’s culture services

The National Children’s Culture Forum and networking day at Espoo’s Sello Hall on 19–20 November 2018.

Registration is open until 25 October 2018 through THIS LINK.

The programme and further information are available on separate pages. (See the pages under the Children’s Cultural Forum 2018 tab in the black bar above.)

The annual National Children’s Culture Forum highlights the significance and potential of children’s culture and gives guidelines for its future. This year’s theme addresses issues of cultural diversity. Finland is – and will be in the future – increasingly diverse and international. A society rich in language and culture facilitates bold and open-minded reform of children’s culture services in terms of thinking, operating models and methods. It also poses challenges for ensuring equal services for all, which everyone has the opportunity use and influence.  Our dream is children’s culture services that are equal for all children, young people and families, with consideration of their cultural and language background.

The children’s culture forum presents a cross-section of various art and culture methods for reinforcing children’s and their families’ participation in their own environment and right to a meaningful life.  There will be two days of networking, open dialogue and sharing competencies and experiences. The forum features a great team of inspiring heroes and allies who are at the forefront of the forces building equality. There will be talks by professionals of culture, art and research, special experts and actors from various operating environments. 

Forum on Monday 19 November will consist of two sections. The morning will feature pre-selected, alternative sub-seminars. The sub-seminars approach the theme through the viewpoints of availability and participation by exploring various projects, methods and ways of promoting equal children’s culture services. The afternoon’s joint section continues with interactions and dialogue. Its focus will be on dreams, culture and art education, and the power of words and images, for example. There will be an answer session that addresses questions connected to the themes that were sent in advance or which arise during the day. The evening is for networking and enjoying the house-warming of Children’s Art House Aurora’s expansion Meijeri (“Dairy”)

On Tuesday, 20 November, we will celebrate Children’s Rights Day. The National Children’s Culture Forum’s networking day is for sharing topical information on children’s culture. There will also be themed meetings and case studies that highlight operating models for strengthening the position of children, young people and families with different cultural backgrounds in children’s culture services.

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