Wed 25.04.2018 10.00 - Sun 24.03.2019 16.00

Museum of Your Dreams

Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum - Glimsintie 1

This year, the City Museum of Espoo is 60 years old. Glims Farmstead Museum’s special exhibition The Museum of Your Dream tells about the history of museum activities and attracts museum visitors to develop the future of the Espoo City Museum.

The exhibition presents many old photos and exhibition posters from the past decades. In addition, you will be able to visit the latest donations and acquisitions at the Espoo City Museum. There are, for example, the Tapiola metro station, the miniature model of the West Metro, and a moonshine pot, which also gained a lot of media publicity.
When the Municipal Museum of Local History in Espoo was founded in 1958, it was a long-awaited museum of dreams. Now, when this 60-year-old city museum looks hopefully forward to the future, we wish the museum's customers and audiences to take part. In the Museum of Your Dreams every museum visitor has the opportunity to tell their hopes and dreams for Espoo City Museum. You are welcome to give your ideas!

The Glims Farmstead Museum’s summer program has a lot of reoccurrance from the past decades, in honor of the 60th anniversary. Welcome to the museum to enjoy nostalgia and to check out old favorites!

Program is included in the museum admission fee.