With a surface area of 155 m2, the Gallery extends to two storeys. Located next to the main
entrance, it is especially well suited for art exhibitions but also for other exhibitions, and it can
be used as a festival office during various events.

View a virtual tour of the Gallery:
first floor

Those to whom the facilities will be rented are selected based on free-form applications twice
a year, separately for spring and autumn seasons. The application period for the spring and
summer season ends on 15 September and for autumn season on 15 March.

For exhibitions organised in the Gallery, we charge a rent of € 70/day.

Applications for gallery use with any relevant enclosures or samples must be sent to:

Espoo Cultural Centre
Cultural Producer Sanna Katajavuori
P.O. Box 3263

or via e-mail to:

From among the applications that have arrived within the set deadline, a panel will select
the exhibitions or events best suited for the facility.