Tapiola Hall


Tapiola Hall is a concert hall with 696/773 seats, with stalls and balcony.
The high-quality equipment of the hall and our professional staff ensure successful
organisation of all cultural events. The hall is also excellently suited for conference and
festive purposes. The hall features fixed audio and lighting equipment.

Technical information

21 to 28 seats per row
large auditorium 773 seats: stalls 589, balcony 180, wheelchairs 4
small auditorium 690 seats (first four rows not in use)

width 1,565 cm
depth: 1,690 cm large stage/1,257 cm small stage
height: rear truss 8 m 50 cm, front truss 10 m

Sound system 
Midas XL8 Touring Package

PA System
Meyer Sound M’elodie

Lighting console 
GrandMA Full-Size

106 pcs Compulite/Strand EC21

Floor elevators 3 pcs
elevator depth 240 cm
two elevators at back (no. 2 and 3) +200 cm
elevator at front (no. 3) +100 cm

Choir stand elevators (in the floor elevators) 3 pcs
width 850 cm
depth 120 cm
elevation margin +50 cm

Descending floor elevator
depth 500 cm
3 pieces, descends -260 cm

Waterfall curtain 1 pc

Chain hoists 2 pcs
load 500 kg

Point hoists 7 pcs
load 300 kg

Cover hoist 1 pc
load 100 kg

Curtain lighting truss 1 pc
load 300 kg

Backdrop hoist 1 pc
load 300 kg

Backdrop lighting truss
load 300 kg

Lighting trusses 2 pcs
Verlinda chain hoists 1,000 kg 4 pcs
length square truss 12 m 2 pcs
load 70 kg/metre

Special doors in back wall of hall
width 716 cm
height 600 cm

Tapiola Hall loading doors
width 280 cm
height 300 cm