Lagstad School Museum

Espoo City Museum's Lagstad School Museum is situated in Lagstad hembygdsgård, the oldest elementary school building in Espoo. Lagstad folkskola was completed in 1873. It was used as a school until the end of the 1954 spring term, when a new school building was finished. After that, the old Lagstad elementary school housed the offices of various Espoo administrative departments.

Nowadays the building has been rented to Esbo Hembygdsförening rf for use as a centre for local history. The building has been restored to what it used to look like when it was an elementary school. A school museum had been planned by the City of Espoo since as early as the 1960s. Artefacts and other material relating to schools were collected for a long time for the Espoo City Museum collections. The Lagstad School Museum was opened in 2003.

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Opening hours
Tues 14-18
Additionally, Lagstad School Museum is open by appointment. Please contact the local history society Esbo Hembygdsförening which is in charge of the opening hours. Tel. +358 40 843 4903

Free entry!

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