Espoo City Museum

Welcome to KAMU Espoo City Museum at the beginning of Summer!
KAMU in the Exhibition centre WeeGee, Glims Farmstead Museum and Lagstad School Museum open on 2.6.2020. Pentala Archipelago Museum opens on 6.6. and Villa Museum Villa Rulludd on 7.6.2020.

If you have any questions about the Espoo City museum's services, please contact us by email:

If needed you can also reach the museum staff on these numbers from Monday to Friday 11.00AM-3.00PM:

KAMU in the Exhibition centre WeeGee: 043 825 6085, 040 6393078
Glims Farmstead Museum: 046 8773 620
Lagstad School Museum: 046 8773 620
Pentala Archipelago Museum: 043 8267 893, 043 8246 347
Villa Museum Villa Rulludd: 043 8267 893


KAMU Espoo City Museum is a cultural history museum, which through its collections and exhibitions recounts the history of the institution of Espoo city and its citizens.

Children's Museum Festival will be postponed to autumn 2020

Five museums are included in the Espoo City Museum family:

KAMU in the Exhibition centre WeeGee,
the Glims Farmstead Museum,
the Lagstad School Museum,
the Villa Museum Villa Rulludd and
the Pentala Archipelago Museum, which was opened to the public in June 2018.

Espoo City Museum was founded in 1958.

Museum card

Ahertajantie | Flitarvägen 5 02100 Espoo | Esbo

PL | PB | P.O. Box 3250 02070 Espoon kaupunki | Esbo stad | City of Espoo

+358 9 8165 7033 |