Wed 28.10.2020 11.00 - Sun 22.08.2021 17.00

Eeva-Leena Eklund :)

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modert Art - Ahertajantie 5

The world can be a troubled and knotted place, and Eeva-Leena Eklund's works echo this. Eklund's paintings are firmly anchored in reality and observations of it. Motifs for her work may include the fabric of a sofa, tomatoes, her grandfather's wartime postcards from the battlefront, or streetscapes. Eklund looks beyond everyday curiosities; at the windowsill where unattainable longing has been replaced by staring animal figurines made of porcelain.

Adults 12€ / Under 18s and over 70s 0€ / Concession groups 10€. Free admission on every Friday 5 pm onward.