Fri 23.10.2020 09.00 - Sun 09.01.2022

Kaija + Heikki Siren: Architects of the modern times

Espoo City Museum, KAMU - Ahertajantie 5

Kaija + Heikki Siren: Architects of the modern times guided tour focuses on the themes of the exhibition: Everything and nothing -  Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren (23.10.2020-1.9.2022). During the guided tour we will explore the times when families moved to row houses and living rooms became the heart of the home. Simple, cheep and quality buildings were the image of democracy and the architects were the designers of the finnish identity. The guided tour examines the changes in Espoo through architecture and urban planning. Secondary school (7th–9th grade).

It is also possible to combine guided tour with a workshop. Different workshops focus on exploring environment and architecture and the children themselves are the architects. Ask more about our workshop for secondary school (7th–9th grade).

Espoon kaupunginmuseo, KAMU. Näyttelykeskus Weegee

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Age recommendation
7th.-9th. grades
Toiminnallinen opastus 60 min. Opastus + työpaja 75-90 min.