Fri 23.10.2020 09.00 - Sun 09.01.2022

Why make ugly buildings?

Espoo City Museum, KAMU - Ahertajantie 5

Why make ugly buildings guided tour focuses on the themes of the exhibition: Everything and nothing -  Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren (23.10.2020-1.9.2022). What kind of environment do we live in today? What kind of schools and homes are good for the children? Find out more about the good architecture and design in a playful guided tour: why make ugly buildings? The guiding focus on exploring the architecture through our own experiences. Early childhood education ( 5-6 years) and primary school ( 1st - 2nd grade).

Espoon kaupunginmuseo, KAMU, Näyttelykeskus Weegee

Tue-sun 11am -5 pm. tel. 09 816 57052.

Age recommendation
Esikoululaiset ja 1.-2. -luokkalaiset
45-60 min.