Thu 13.08.2020 11.00 - Thu 16.12.2021 23.00

KULPS for Espoo schools

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modert Art - Ahertajantie 5

The KULPS tours at EMMA familiarise visitors with art that talks about the environment and its changes. They also feature a game that explains how important it is to make sustainable choices. Creativity and imagination are activities that do not burden the planet!

​​The KULPS ‘Art for me’ project is based on the Finnish national curriculum. EMMA’s tour makes art relatable by connecting it with youngsters’ everyday lives. A personal connection makes their visit an experience with which they can easily identify.

The themes are identical for all age groups, but the content and exercises are tailored for different learning levels. The package includes lead-in exercises, a tour of the museum and follow-up exercises. EMMA is To Your Heart’s Content -destination. To Your Heart’s Content destination can be attended free of charge several times during a school year, no restrictions attached.

See the lead-in and follow up exercises.

60 min