Thu 27.02.2020 19.00 - 21.00

Espoo City Theatre: 3 Portraits of Tomorrow - 3 Kuvaa Huomisesta

Espoo Cultural Centre - Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo

Writers Marko Järvikallas, Okko Leo, and Harri Virtanen have, over several years, developed a genre they have named ‘family sci-fi’. Their plays are visions of a future in which creatures of variable human genome content encounter each other as family members, as friends, and as lovers.  

In these stories, the problems of tomorrow sound familiar: How to live in a relationship? How to navigate the workplace? How to be a man, a woman, a child, or a machine? How to live with one’s otherness, and with that of others’? How to make sense of alienation? 

3 Portraits of Tomorrow is a co-production by Helsinki -based Theatre Quo Vadis, Rakastajat Theatre from Pori, and Espoo City Theatre. The performance consists of a series of three vignettes performed on the night. 

Playwright Marko Järvikallas, Okko Leo, Harri Virtanen Director Maarit Pyökäri, Erik Söderblom, Tuire Tuomisto
Cast Niina Hosiasluoma, Minerva Kautto, Angelika Meusel, Maija Rissanen, Jan-Christian Söderholm & Kai Tanner
Stage and Costume Design Paula Koivunen
Light and Sound Design Jere Kolehmainen
Producers Linnea Kotiniemi & Krista Mäkinen
Co-production Rakastajat-teatteri, Teatteri Quo Vadis & Espoo City Theatre 

Duration Undefined
Languag Finnish, surtitles in English


Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhi Hall
35/32/20€ + delivery fee (from €1)