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Vehicle Play Express -KULPS! visit

The Finnish Toy Museum - Näyttelykeskus WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5

On this visit to the Toy Museum we study traffic from many different points of view. The visit includes the guided tour Vehicle Play Express and the workshop Neppis Car.

On the Vehicle Play Express tour, the school class is led by the traffic controller and the clue objects to explore traffic on land, air and sea. On the tour we travel in the special exhibition Vehicle Play and discuss the history of traffic, children’s traffic toys and play, traffic education, children’s travels at different times and the environmental effects of traffic.
Length c. 45 minutes.

In the Neppis Car workshop we investigate a fifty-year-old Finnish toy that is still in use. Children have played with wheeled toys since the invention of the wheel. In the workshop the children get to assemble and modify their own versions of the classic neppis car.
Length c. 45 minutes.

Groups of over 15 children are divided in two, so that one half is on the tour while the other works in the workshop, and then they switch.
Length c. 90 minutes.

Maximum group size 30 children. Bookings Tue-Fri from 9.00 onwards. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance.

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