Tue 21.05.2019 10.00 - 10.30

Taimine Theater: Ole hyvä (You’re welcome)

Sello Hall - Soittoniekanaukio 1 A

Tue 21 May at 10 (a KULPS! destination for pupils in grades 7–10)
Taimine Theater: Ole hyvä (You’re welcome)

Taimine’s topical performance looks into an individual’s moral choices and the hardships and heartbreaks of young people. Leo has finally left his past behind and put his life in order. Everything falls into pieces one November evening when he runs into his former friend Freddie. Eventually they are forced to reveal their secrets and confess to the crime that broke them apart. It is not easy to forgive. For the first time in his life, Leo needs to learn to take others into account. Is his older brother Sam a suitable role model, given that he helps paperless refugees, putting himself in danger? How to tell apart selfishness and unselfishness? The truth is rarely black and white.

Teatteri Taimine’s bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) play provides plenty of material for debates about ethics, morality and world views. The play includes additional materials to help the audience discuss its themes. 

Actors: CG Wentzel and Mikael Strömberg
Director: Oskar Silén
Script: Henrika Andersson

Recommended for young people in secondary or upper secondary school. Duration 35 min.

Tickets EUR 5. The concert is a free KULPS! destination for pupils in grades 7–10 in Espoo-based schools.
Reservations: sellosali@espoo.fi or 050 494 6833 on weekdays at 15–17