WeeGee's museums


EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art houses nearly 5,000 m² of top art. Annually, the museum organises large international and domestic exhibitions in the fields of contemporary and modern art and design. Also on display are the art collection of the Saastamoinen Foundation as well as temporary exhibitions of collections, and we have workshops, services and events intended for all ages.

EMMA was built on two art collections: the EMMA (formerly City of Espoo) collection and the Saastamoinen Foundation art collection. In addition, EMMA has several other donation and deposit collections.
EMMA Shop is a treasure trove for art lovers and an excellent gift shop that also operates online.


Espoo City Museum was founded in 1958. Today 4 museums are included in our Museum family: KAMU in the Exhibition centre WeeGee, the Glims Farmstead Museum,  the Lagstad School Museum and the Villa Museum Villa Rulludd. The Pentala Archipelago Museum is being planned and it will open to the public gradually in 2018.

In KAMU history comes to life! Our permanent exhibition A thousand stories from Espoo takes the visitor from prehistory to medieval times and all the way to the second largest city in Finland. Domestic and international themes are presented in our annually changing exhibitions. In KAMU one is allowed to see, touch and experiment - we offer a diverse program, such as weekly guided tours, lectures and work demonstrations.

Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä

Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä is a museum of play culture, presenting toys and games from the late 19th century to this day. The museum introduces you to the history of Finnish toys and features annually changing special exhibitions.

The museum exhibits toys typical of each decade, nice rarities and home-made products of the imagination. The exhibition gives you a glimpse of how children and young people used to play, encouraging you to ponder the meaning of play and reminisce about your own favourite toys. You may even find some toys that you always wanted but never had.
The museum also organises annual special exhibitions, collects toys and increases its collections for the joy and learning of future generations.

The Finnish Museum of Horology

The Finnish Museum of Horology is the only Nordic museum that specialises in timepieces and the history of measuring time. The museum’s collections date back to 1944, when the Finnish School of Watchmaking was founded in Lahti. The school’s teachers started collecting timepieces, and the idea of establishing a museum of horology soon came up. The collection was originally intended for educational use at the school.

The museum’s permanent exhibition presents all kinds of timepieces and clockwork from floor clocks to cheap watch copies. Also displayed is a clockmaker’s workshop and tools. The museum also organizes annually changing exhibitions on topical themes.