City events

In the city, you can encounter art and culture outside the familiar cultural spaces. A neighbourhood park may serve as a venue for a concert or circus performance. On the streets, you can spot street art in underpasses or on the walls of buildings. Events organised all around the city can turn the city into a living stage for delightful performances and turn streets into surprising art galleries.

The Event and Cultural Services of the City of Espoo produce and coordinate big events. Such events include the annual Independence Day celebration concert at the Espoo Metro Arena, the Espoo Day, which engages the entire city, and Finland’s centenary celebrations in 2017. We also implement many interesting art projects and extensive event series with partners all around the city. The most topical of them include urbanproject, a street art project for children and young people, the StreetArt project, which brings the cityscape to life, and new communal events in honour of the centenary, such as City Dancing events. We want to encourage communities to organise their own cultural events by, for example, holding networking events and offering other event services.


Laura Läntinen, Cultural Producer
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Susan Forsblom, Cultural Producer
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