Glims Farmstead Museum

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Glims Farmstead Museum is situated in the well preserved cultural landscape of Karvasmäki village, where farms and holdings were already established in the Middle Ages. The buildings in the large yard area at Glims are in their original locations. The oldest ones are the storage shed and the old dwelling, both from the 18th century. Glims was still a working farm at the beginning of the 20th century. Glims served as an inn and hostelry from 1778 to 1822 and from 1891 to 1901. Glims has been a museum since 1958.

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Glims farmstead museum is one of Espoo City museum's five venues.

Welcome to take a look at how people used to live in Espoo!



Guided tour in Finnish at Glims Farmstead Museum: Esinevartti
Tue 26.06.2018 12.30
Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum
needles and pins
Workshop at Glims Farmstead Museum: marking with cross stitch
Tue 26.06.2018 13.00
Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum
Tilkki-Vihtori's Cottage
Tilkki-Vihtori's Cottage is open at Glims farmstead museum
Wed 27.06.2018 12.00
Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum
Handicraft demonstration at Glims Farmstead Museum: We Weave a Rya Rug
Wed 27.06.2018 13.00
Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum
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