Children's Museum Festival



Festival atmosphere takes over WeeGee as the traditional Children’s Museum Festival is held on Sat–Sat 17–18 March at 11 am–5 pm. Prepare for a weekend full of construction at a building party for the whole family. Grab your gloves, put on your hard hat and party!

Follow the festivities by participating in the event on Facebook.


WeeGee stage

Sat–Sun 1 am–4 pm
Saturday’s event is hosted by actress Krista Putkonen-Örn and Sunday’s by actor Antero Nieminen.

Gigglebug children’s disco
Sat–Sun 1–1:20 pm & 3–3:20 pm
Dance together with the tiny and cheerful Gigglebug! DJ Gigglebug plays its music and MC City Bunny gets you dancing, playing and moving, and spreads laughter and happiness to all children and the young at heart.

Pikku Papu Orchestra
Sat–Sun 2–2:30 pm & 3:30–4 pm
Play and sing along with the delightful Pikku Papu Orchestra! Pikku Papu Orchestra leads its listeners into the wonderful world of a character created by Liisa Kallio through various musical styles and play.

Non-stop throughout the weekend

Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm

Worksite peek fence
Take a look at a real-life building site through the peek fence located at the side of Skanska’s Franklin worksite. On your way to the building party, have a look at the big machinery operated at the Skanska worksite! In co-operation with Skanska Talonrakennus Oy/Skanska Kodit.

Building party photo wall
Lobby, 1st floor
Take pictures with building pals from Skanska. Share your photos with #lastenmuseofestarit and #skanska. In co-operation with Skanska Talonrakennus Oy/Skanska Kodit.

Tatu and Patu
Have your picture taken with the Tatu and Patu characters moving around the exhibition centre.

Jill and Joy’s house
Lobby, 1st floor
Feel free to play in Jill and Joy’s house! In co-operation with Kannustalo.

LEGO brick’s birthday party!    
Wirkkala Cabinet, 1st floor
Join us in celebrating the most famous brick in the world! At the LEGO workshop, the table is set for LEGO, celebrating its 60th anniversary. Come and make your contribution at the non-stop building workshop.

Shadow casa
EMMA Paletti, 1st floor
A cave, castle or snow hut – what exciting item would you build using sugar lumps? Continue to play by means of shadow play. Take your construction blocks home together with a toffee recipe.

Froebel blocks
Cabinet, 1st floor
The giant, pedagogical Froebel blocks designed by artist Alexander Reichstein can be used by children of all ages for construction and play. The blocks are a part of the pedagogical activities of the Kindergarten Museum.

My favourite suburb
KAMU lobby, 1st floor
Step into the shoes of a planner and design the suburb of your dreams.

WeeGee’s Space Station
Studio Suuronen, 1st floor
Ask anything that comes to mind from our on-call special expert Markus Hotakainen.

Films and fairy tales
Building cinema, 1st floor

  • Sat–Sun 11:30 am: Gigglebug animation compilation
    Animation compilation about a tiny, resourceful creature with a particularly catchy laugh. 
  • Sat–Sun 12:15 and 2:40 pm Tatu and Patu’s Mad Machines story time
    Come and listen to the story recited by an actor. 
  • Sat–Sun 1 pm: Jill and Joy film
    In this film suitable for the whole family, Jill and Joy are spending summer in their dream house.
  •  Sat–Sun 3:15 pm The Lego Movie
    The main character of the film, a LEGO minifigure called Emmet, is mistaken for a master builder selected by destiny.

Self-directed LEGO orienteering
Toy Museum, 2nd floor
The goal of the self-directed LEGO orienteering is to find the LEGO favourites of the past decades hidden at the Toy Museum.

Playing with slates
EMMA lounge, 2nd floor
Build your own vision of colourful slates and pieces or join in the work with others. Make figures, statues or even a giant labyrinth on the floor! Enabled by the Vahanen Group.

Hut disco
EMMA Aitio, 2nd floor
Build the hut of your dreams, organise a disco and invite all your friends! The huts will make up a small village that is reshaped again and again during the day. The activity is instructed by the sculptor Sakari Kannosto.

SUCH WOW! tower blocks and skyscrapers
SuoMu workshop premises, entrance from the WeeGee yard
At the fantastic tower block workshop by SuoMu, new heights are reached and new and bold urban landscape created. Recommended for ages seven and up, younger visitors are welcome with their parents.

Dream tent
Helinä Rautavaara Museum, entrance from the WeeGee yard
Build your dream tent from recycled material. The tent is the best-suited lodging for a mobile lifestyle. What is the tent of your dreams like? Make and decorate your own dream tent – just the way you like it! Recommended for ages five to ten.

The programme also includes

Toy hacking workshop
Sat–Sun 12–3 pm, LELU workshop, 2nd floor
Let’s practise electronic construction by hacking some toys! Come and build things with electronic components at the Art & Craft School Robotti. Toy hacking participants get to combine various parts with each other, making toys act funny.

Family museum hour    
Sat–Sun 12–1 pm, KAMU, 1st floor
During the family museum hour, you get to try out and experience things in the museum. The museum hour is intended for the whole family!

Hideaway workshop
Sun 11 am–5 pm, Espoo School of Art, Ellen classroom, 1st floor
A reading fort, stake-out tower, bouncy bubble – think it up and create a scale model of your own personal hideaway! What do you love to do alone or together with your friends? Explore various structures, make designs and craft the scale model of your own hideaway from paperboard and cardboard.

Make your own Pikku Papu
Sun 1:30–3:30 pm, Lobby, 1st floor
Make your own Pikku Papu together with Liisa Kallio! Play with the Pikku Papu figure you just made while the orchestra is playing!

Children’s Museum Festival – Building party for the whole family
Sat–Sun 17–18 March at 11 am–5 pm
WeeGee Exhibition Centre WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola
People under the age of 18 and over 70 free of charge!


Follow the festivities by participating in the event on Facebook.

The festival is easily accessible by metro. Exhibition Centre WeeGee is within walking distance of Tapiola station.
The event is organised by: Exhibition Centre WeeGee/Espoo’s Event and Cultural Services, Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Espoo City Museum KAMU, the Finnish Museum of Horology and Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä in co-operation with the Espoo School of Art, Helinä Rautavaara Museum and the Finnish Association of Design Learning.

In collaboration with: HKL, Kannustalo Oy, Lego, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy/Skanska Kodit, Vahanen Oy

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