Tue 11.04.2017 11.00 - Wed 28.02.2018 16.00

Animals rule at Glims

Espoo City Museum - Glimsintie 1

The special #animalsinespoo exhibition of the Glims Farmstead Museum highlights the relationship between people and animals now and in the past. Why are animals so important to us?

Human life is based on coexistence with animals. Through history, animals have provided us with vital assistance and resources. Animals have been sources of raw materials and power but also important companions.

During the last hundred years, the relationship between animals and humans has undergone a dramatic change. In the Espoo of today, pets are a more common sight than cows, for example. This change is explored in the #eläimetespoossa exhibition based on the pictures and items gathered from the Espoo City Museum's collections.

The exhibition and other related programming will be prepared in cooperation with Espoo residents. Among other participants, the pupils of Bemböle School will be involved. During the exhibition, the museum will host a variety of animal-themed tours, pet toy workshops and famous animal personalities from Espoo as special guests. A part of the animal-themed programming will be organised by the Glims 4H petting zoo which holds guided pasture visits for museum guests.

We invite all of you to tell your stories about animals in Espoo! You can share your animal photos on Instagram with the hashtag #animalsinespoo to include them in the exhibition.


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Talomuseo Glims, Glimsintie 1
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