Sat 25.11.2017 11.00 - Sun 26.11.2017 17.00

Traditional WeeGee Christmas market

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modert Art, Espoo City Museum, KAMU, Exhibition Centre WeeGee, The Finnish Museum of Horology, The Finnish Toy Museum - Ahertajantie 5

Get that Christmas feeling! At the traditional WeeGee Christmas market you can buy unique gifts from the artisans’ well-stocked stalls, the EMMA Shop or the SIS. Deli+Café. Students of Art and Design at the Aalto University are also present with a pop-up section. There are activities in all the WeeGee museums. Both some of the folks from Korvatunturi and young musicians are our guests. Welcome to a WeeGee full of Christmas spirit! Free entry!

Näyttelykeskus WeeGee
Free entry!